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Comparative law research methodology

The question
Comparative law does not simply mean the comparing of one jurisdiction’s approach to regulation with another’s. What also needs to be recognised is the cultural or economic or historical contexts of the law which lead to similarities or differences. For example respective experiences of colonialism which in Australia was mainly beneficent (except perhap to indigenous inhabitants).
What a comparative law may mean generally to specific examples of how an analysis of laws in different countries reflects the social context of the laws and helps us understand perhaps what law
 The topic: Comparative law research methodology

  • Definition of comparative law
  • Is the comparative law a branch of laws or just method?
  • Mention the history of the comparative law methodology
  • Some example to explain the concept of comparative law which is the cultural or economic or historical contexts of the law.
  • Use the Islamic law in at least one examples.
  • Anything can answer the question

500 words
The objectives of the comparative law methodology
List many aims with example if it possible-
500 words
Writing and references style is Australian guide to legal research.

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