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Case Study

ULMS152 International Business Environment:
Accompanying Notes for Students
CASE 2: Internationalization of Higher Education
Read the case study by Southern titled ‘Case Study: The Internationalization of Higher Education’ and consider the questions set out below.  This case concerns the University of Liverpool, your own institution, and looks at one aspect of the University’s strategy for internationalization.
As you read the case think objectively about what it is that the University seeks to achieve in developing a portfolio of online programmes with a for-profit partner.  You might find this case intriguing because you are part of the strategy the University has for internationalization.  Make a note of some questions that you would like to explore in more detail and relate these to some of the theories from the module.
Think about the following.

  • How is the international higher education sector changing?
  • What type of change is taking place at the national level?
  • What challenges face an institution like the University of Liverpool given the change experienced internationally and nationally?
  • Is Liverpool’s internationalization strategy going to provide more choice for students and/or a better student experience?
  • Would it be better if the University focused more on their own on campus provision rather than partnering with for-profits or other institutions, like the one in China?
  • From this case can you identify some pros and cons from globalization?

Alan Southern
February 2015

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