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Budget suggestions

We need you to start using some of the budget suggestions we are going to issue as a separate memorandum. These include using videoconference equipment instead of traveling to meetings, staying in cheaper hotels, arranging flights for cheaper times, and flying from lessconvenient but also lessexpensive suburban airports.

The company needs to cut travel expenses by fifty percent, just as we’ve cut costs in all departments of Black & Decker. This means you’ll no longer be able to stay in fancy hotels and make last-minute, costly changes to your travel plans.

You’ll also be expected to avoid hotelWi-Fi surcharges. Hotels that charge for in-roomWi-Fi often provide freeWi-Fiin their lobbies, so do your work downstairs. And never return a rental car with an empty tank! That causes the rental agency to charge usa premium price for the gas they sell when they fill it up upon your return.

You’ll be expected to make these changes in your travel habits immediately.

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