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Broome Port Authority

The annual reports for the Broome Port Authority are available on MyLO and the organisation’s website see

The report should be presented as a business report

Report Format

  1. Executive summary (Abstract)- summarises the purpose and findings of the report (approximately 200-300 words)
  2. Introduction – provide background information on the topic of the report to engage the reader’s interest in the topic. The introduction should also include a Statement of Purpose which will familiarise the reader with the structure and purpose of what they are about to read.


  1. Discussion – In the body of report you should use headings and sub headings. The information you should cover in the discussion includes:
  2. (A)

An overview of the organisation and any influences on its operations over the period of time under review. For example have there been any major events or circumstances affecting the company over the period being examined?  Or are there any economic or other factors affecting the industry in which the company operates?  (e.g. exchange rate fluctuations, drought affecting production etc).

  1. (B)

Analysis of the ratios – for each group of ratios Profitability, Liquidity and Capital Structure you are required to provide the following:

–Suitably labelled and formatted charts or tables to illustrate your       results

–Discussion on each ratio in turn, indicating what the trend is showing over the five years. Your discussion should relate to any identified influencing factors

–Having considered each ratio under this heading you should conclude how the company is faring in terms of the overall ratio grouping.

  1. 4. Conclusion and summary – Provide an overall summary of the performance of the company as revealed by your analysis over the period being examined. Remind the reader of the main point(s) of the report and create the feeling of closing or “rounding off” the discussion. (You do not have to reach any overall conclusions about the organisation).
  2. Reference List this is a list of all the sources of information used in your report. Make sure your references are correctly formatted




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