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A recent restructuring of the local hospital has resulted in several changes to patient care units.

A recent restructuring of the local hospital has resulted in several changes to patient care

units. The closure of a rehabilitation unit required reassigning the nurses to other areas of the

hospital where staffing was low. The staff nurses displayed various attributes of the different

phases based on their ability to accept the change. The following table presents the nurses and

the characteristics observed.

A. Identify the emotional phase for each of the following nurses’ characteristics.

1.Amy: Open to explore possible new opportunities; willing to put energy into the


2. Becky: Looks for ways to keep the old unit open; keeps telling others, “If only we could try one more time”.

3. Carol: Lethargic at work; nothing seems to be going right for her; states she feels lost.

4. Doug: Blames administration for playing this “evil trick” ; resents that he will be the one to have to change.

5. Erin: Open and ready for the transition; looks for a new unit and has researched patient care in other areas.

6. Fred: Ignores the change; thinks that it might not happen.

7. Grace: Takes charge of her immediate future by looking for new ideas and projects for

her new unit.

8. Helen: Feels a loss of power over her career; insecure over her knowledge of nursing in other areas.

9. Ike: Displays some energy towards the change; is willing to try various areas to see if it will “fit” with his style of nursing.

10. Juanita: Frequently states “whatever” when others talk about the move; displays no enthusiasm for the change but does not reject the change.


B. Which of the above nurses would you consider as resisting change? What might be some causes for the resistance?


C. How could these possible causes be addressed during the change process using Lewin’s change theory?

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