For one to understand the meaning of an annotated bibliography, we will have to understand the word bibliography. Bibliography refers to the outline of writings listing all the referenced and non-referenced sources in a research. It contains details such as; the name of the author, the details of the research, and the publishing dates. With this now, we can better understand the meaning of an annotated bibliography.

An annotated bibliography is almost similar to a bibliography only that in an annotated bibliography the list of writings is accompanied by a concise description and analysis of each source. Annotations are usually a summary, therefore; they should not be more than one paragraph. Only the most important and relevant details are cited. The annotations used by the writer will include; full citations of the bibliography, the details of the author, the extent, and content of the writings and the general persons it is intended for. The writer is also required to point out the main idea in the writing, the arguments of the author, and his derivations from the text including the limitations and usefulness of the writing to the intended audience.

An annotated bibliography serves different purposes such as; assisting other researchers in their researches since citations of sources of information of is highlighted. This is easier for other researchers since these sources are usually well organized and stated. It also equips the reader with a general overview of the source writings. It helps the reader to analyse the most significant and useful points in the document of origin. Bibliographic writings that are accompanied by citations include; thesis, dissertations, research papers among others.

Importance of an Annotated Bibliography

In any research writing, a bibliography is crucial, and it should be included. This will include any thesis or dissertation. A bibliography will show the extent to which the writer has researched and the relevant sources that he has cited. For you to write an annotated bibliography, there is the need to have the necessary research, writing, and analysis skills. Since an annotated bibliography gives the main argument of writing, it helps in citing the relevance of this argument later on in the research. An annotated bibliography also helps in the sense that, a point drawn from many sources is of higher quality and well highlighted. Since an annotated bibliography includes the dates of the published articles, then the validity and the usage of different concepts can be determined. The most significant importance of bibliographic information includes:

It enables the author to have a clear picture of the researched and published work. This will allow the author to come up with original and unique ideas on which he will base his research on. Other authors can rely on this information to bring out clearly their main arguments. Additionally, annotated bibliography gives a quick and easy way of people accessing information thus reducing the tedious process of conducting research.

Bibliographies act as a record of the work done by a researcher. They are useful for any future references they keep track of the cited information giving the reader am ample time to go through the main arguments of the author.

One may think that bibliographies are not any more important due to the technological evolvement. This may be because of the numerous databases on the internet containing bibliography information. The internet and the catalogues do not give sufficient information and especially in the cases of assignments. For this reason, you will need a company that will help you make a useful and high-quality bibliography.

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